Session #2 - 10:45-11:45 - Chuck Black - Spiritual Warfare: Fighting for your Family

  • Breakout Session
  • Breakout Kidz Connect Room
  • May 20 2022 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Choosing to homeschool does not exempt us from spiritual warfare; instead, it puts our families on the front line. With over eighty percent of evangelical Christian young people leaving their faith when they leave home, never to return, something is wrong in our tactics in fighting the enemy. Ignore an enemy and he will defeat you. Underestimate an enemy and he will defeat you. The good news is that we can live in victory! God gives us all the weapons and strategy we need to prepare our children for the spiritual battles to come. Trained as a military warrior, Chuck offers insight, training, and strategies for not only surviving the battle, but also advancing the kingdom through spiritual warfare.