Michigan Homeschool Law.

Learn the law, to Homeschool with confidence!

Michigan Law

Option 1 is a great fit for Michigan parents looking to homeschool their own children. 

Option 1: Homeschooling under Michigan’s homeschool statute

(Also known as, "Exemption F" in the education code)  

Parents who are teaching their own children at home under the homeschool statute are required to use an organized educational program covering the following subject areas:

  • Language Arts (reading, spelling, literature, writing & English grammar.)
  • mathematics
  • science
  • history
  • civics

The statute does not require parents to notify local government or education authorities that they are homeschooling. The statute specifically notes that parents are authorized to give home instruction. If a non-parent is significantly involved in delivering instruction, HSLDA members may contact HSLDA's legal department for specific guidance.

Option 2: Homeschooling as a non-public school

To homeschool your children by operating as a nonpublic school.

This option is used when a student is requesting eligible special education services from the local public school or intermediate school district while homeschooling.

Do I have to keep attendance records?

Parents in Michigan who choose option 1 are not required to keep attendance records for each school year. Remember, the goal is learning!

What about other types of record keeping?

There are other types of records besides attendance records. While you are not required by the state of Michigan to keep records with option 1, we recommend that you keep a copy of the following items just to cover all your bases:

  • A portfolio of work by each student showing what they’ve accomplished in each grade.
  • Notes on what textbooks, workbooks and lesson plans you’ve used each year.
  • Copies of any correspondence that you’ve had with the public school.
  • Test results from tests that you’ve given, though standardized testing is not required.
  • Field trips attended, including those taken with support groups.