How to Unenroll your Student from Public School

Follow the directions below to unenroll your student from public school.*

Here are the steps to unenroll your student and begin homeschooling.

  1. Download the form. (Form will be emailed to you)
  2. Fill in the form with your current information.
  3. Send the letter to the school:  Your child is now withdrawn!
  4. If the school asks for additional measures: do not go to the school. Instead, respond by email or mail a letter of assurance.
  5. We recommend you join both our organization, MICHN, Michigan Christian Homeschool Network, and HSLDA, Homeschool Legal Defense.  We, here at MICHN are always working with your state legislators to keep your rights as a parent to home educate intact. HSLDA is your personal lawyer to contact whenever you have homeschool related legal matters. *(Only if your student is currently enrolled)