Kevin Swanson

Founder & Director of Generations

Homeschooled himself in the 1960’s and 70’s, Kevin Swanson and his wife, Brenda, are now homeschooling parents of five and grandparents of six. Kevin has 43 years of experience in the homeschooling movement and serves as the Director of Generations – a ministry he founded to strengthen homeschool families around the country. He written 30-40 books on homeschool vision and resources, spoken at homeschool conferences for over 30 years, and hosted a daily radio program reaching tens of thousands of homeschooling families. As a father who wants to leave a godly heritage for his own five children, Kevin’s passion is to strengthen and encourage the homeschooling movement all over the world, and to cast a vision for generations to come.


Session Titles

1. KEYNOTE #3: The Heart of Homeschooling - Taking the conventional school paradigm and pressing it into the homeschool context doesn’t work. Saul’s armor didn’t fit David well. What makes homeschooling so much more powerful than conventional schooling? Kevin Swanson gets to the heart of effective homeschooling here. . .relationships. . . discipleship. . . faith. . . knowing God and rejoicing in His awesomeness!

2. Worldviews Matter — Getting the Right Worldview in History, Science, and Literature  - Will Christian curriculum look any different from public school curriculum when it comes to subjects like history, science, and literature? As the author of most of the Christian Family Discipleship Curriculum provided by Generations, Kevin Swanson discusses the fundamental and radical differences a Christian worldview provides in these subjects.

3. Making Math and Science Meaningful -  Kevin Swanson obtained his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, but he would be the first to tell you he didn’t like science very much (as taught in secular college). Here, he expresses his passion to making mathematics and science meaningful to our children by bringing it back into a God-centered view. This presentation will radically change your view of these subjects, and help you to understand the right worldview foundations for these subjects.

4. Have Your Children Been With Jesus? - How do you know if your children have been with Jesus? It was clear that those men who had been discipled by Jesus had been with Him. But how would you know? The discipleship program of Jesus is quite different than that provided by the world. Jesus trains in faith, prayer, and the Word. Are your children in Jesus’ discipleship program?

5. For Such a Time As This — Planting Fruitful Gardens (Homeschools) in a Post-Christian World -  Faith, family, and freedoms have faded in Europe and the Americas. But God has given us a tremendous opportunity now — islands of freedom and culture unlike anything we’ve seen. He appears to be using homeschooling as a catalyst for good things. How can your family plant fruitful, beautiful gardens at such a time as this? How does the Gospel of Jesus Christ break through in our homes?