How To Add Your Group To Our Map

1. Sign Up For Any MiCHN Membership
Our groups map is public, but your group cannot be added without a membership. (Click HERE to find a membership that is best for you!)  

**Free memberships are available :)

2. Click on 'Find a Group' under Groups
After you log in, click HERE to go to the main group map. 

On the right hand side of the page you should see a black button that says, "Start a Group" click that button! 

3. Click, "Start a Group" 
Now you can add your details! This page will walk you through adding all the important information. (Group Name, Tagline, Description, Logo...) 

***Please be sure to add your address (or at least a city). Otherwise you will not show up on the map!

4. Promote and Share Your Group
Now your group will be listed on our groups map!

Tell your Social Media friends:) 

5. Remember to Maintain Your Group
Now your group is live, keep your meeting times updated, locations updated, leader's  contact info updates.

You'll also be able to post stories and message your group members - all through this membership site.

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash
Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash