Standardized Testing from the comfort of home.

In Michigan, homeschool families are NOT required to test. 

However, many families find testing to be beneficial.

Through testing, we are able to show factual evidence-based research about Homeschoolers!

 MiCHN is happy to partner with BJU Press Testing and Evaluation to offer the Iowa Assessments from home. 

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Choose Online Testing for additional benefits!

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  • Call BJU directly at (800) 845-5731 to order your tests.
  • Indicate when scheduling & ordering that you are testing with the MICHN (Michigan Christian Homeschool Network) 

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Option 2: Order Your Test


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Is Testing Required in Michigan?

(Quick answer, NO!) 



Why Should Your Family Test?


Choose Online Testing for additional benefits!

Benefits of Online Testing include:

  • Testing results as quick as 10 days
  • No shipping costs
  • Year-round testing
  • Testing administrator provided by BJU.