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INCH & Legislative Update 2024
Get Started HERE! History of Homeschooling in Michigan Donate   As INCH approaches in only a few more days, excitement is mounting for all that will be happening as homeschoolers gather from around the state here in Lansing! This Thursday through Saturday, May 9th-11th, is the 40th annual Inspirational Networking Conference for Homeschoolers!  And it's NOT too late for YOU to join us for even a part of the conference... Come when you can! Single day passes are still available online, as are 3 Day All Access passes, HERE (They will also be available at the door, but costs go up $10/ticket.) Good news is also occurring in the state legislature. Last week, HB 5664 was introduced in the House of Representatives and referred to the Labor Committee. This bill is a reintroduction of a billl that MiCHN worked to get passed back in 2021. This bill would give homeschool parents the right to issue work permits for their own children instead of having to gain permission from their local public school district.  In September of 2021, the bill had passed easily through both the House and the Senate, but was then vetoed by our Governor.... (See article HERE) We are asking you to take a look at the recently proposed legislation, HB 5664 of 2023, HERE, and then: Thank the sponsoring legislators for reintroducing this bill. (Representatives. Hoadley, Martin, Rigas, Borton, Aragona, Neyer, Alexander, Slagh, Kunse, Thompson, Beson, Roth, Carra, Outman and Bollin.) Contact info for all representatives can be found HERE Contact your own representative and tell them you would like them to support HB 5664. Contact members of the House Labor Committee and ask them to pass this bill out of committee for approval on the House floor. (If you reside in the district of one of these committee members, please make sure you tell them that when you call.) You can find the House Labor Committee members and their contact information HERE As we prepare to encourage one another at the INCH conference this week, let us also encourage our elected leaders to continue the excellent work of preserving and even expanding our homeschool freedoms, so that parents are able to do what they believe is best for their children, both regarding their education and their work experiences. Blessings. Mike Winter MiCHN President     Want a sneak peak of our conference program?? ****Check it out HERE****     Continue to PRAY with us!