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INCH & Legislative Update 2024
Get Started HERE! History of Homeschooling in Michigan Donate   As INCH approaches in only a few more days, excitement is mounting for all that will be happening as homeschoolers gather from around the state here in Lansing! This Thursday through Saturday, May 9th-11th, is the 40th annual Inspirational Networking Conference for Homeschoolers!  And it's NOT too late for YOU to join us for even a part of the conference... Come when you can! Single day passes are still available online, as are 3 Day All Access passes, HERE (They will also be available at the door, but costs go up $10/ticket.) Good news is also occurring in the state legislature. Last week, HB 5664 was introduced in the House of Representatives and referred to the Labor Committee. This bill is a reintroduction of a billl that MiCHN worked to get passed back in 2021. This bill would give homeschool parents the right to issue work permits for their own children instead of having to gain permission from their local public school district.  In September of 2021, the bill had passed easily through both the House and the Senate, but was then vetoed by our Governor.... (See article HERE) We are asking you to take a look at the recently proposed legislation, HB 5664 of 2023, HERE, and then: Thank the sponsoring legislators for reintroducing this bill. (Representatives. Hoadley, Martin, Rigas, Borton, Aragona, Neyer, Alexander, Slagh, Kunse, Thompson, Beson, Roth, Carra, Outman and Bollin.) Contact info for all representatives can be found HERE Contact your own representative and tell them you would like them to support HB 5664. Contact members of the House Labor Committee and ask them to pass this bill out of committee for approval on the House floor. (If you reside in the district of one of these committee members, please make sure you tell them that when you call.) You can find the House Labor Committee members and their contact information HERE As we prepare to encourage one another at the INCH conference this week, let us also encourage our elected leaders to continue the excellent work of preserving and even expanding our homeschool freedoms, so that parents are able to do what they believe is best for their children, both regarding their education and their work experiences. Blessings. Mike Winter MiCHN President     Want a sneak peak of our conference program?? ****Check it out HERE****     Continue to PRAY with us!  
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MiCHN Moment-Dads This One is For You- May '24
Get Started HERE! History of Homeschooling in Michigan Donate A Most Urgent but Quite Brief Message to Homeschool Dads (from Someone Who Doesn’t Do It Anymore) Here’s the reason I’m not a dad of homeschoolers anymore: They’re adults now. We’re done. We fought the good fight, ran the race—all that. Really, in our case, it’s true that my wife did almost all of it. But I made some sacrifices, too. Education was an all-in family thing until they went to college. At the time, when we first started, I thought, on balance, it was the right move. But given that’s it all said and done, in light of all the struggles and doubts and self-questioning through those long homeschooling years, I’ve now reached this conclusion: It was TOTALLY the right move. It was all worth it. All of it. We have no regrets, whatsoever. I’m not kidding. Normally, I’m Mr. Nuance, Mr. See-Both- Sides, and Mr. Measured. But seriously: I honestly am so very, very, very glad we went the route we did. So thankful to God. So thankful for my wife. The years go by, and you don’t get them back, man. I have regrets in life, and made some judgment errors. But the homeschool ride? Wow, was that was the right call for us. Keep going. -Brant Hansen (Featured INCH Speaker)    Support Homeschool Freedom & Enjoy Benefits! Have you joined MiCHN as a Supporting Member yet? Sign up today and help us continue our work of protecting and expanding homeschool freedoms in Michigan and providing important resources for families.  PLUS, you'll get fantastic benefits and perks for your family, including up to 25% off the upcoming Homeschool Conference!  Pssst... You Can Register For the Conference HERE   Still Taking Nominations  for The Marcia Holmes Memorial Award  September 2022, MiCHN lost a very dear member of our leadership team-- our conference coordinator for many years, a close friend and sister in the Lord, Marcia Holmes. While we miss her dearly, her life was an inspiration to so many of us, and it is our hope and prayer that her contributions and legacy will live on in the heart of our conference and the state homeschool community as a whole. In remembrance of Marcia, we would like to honor one outstanding Michigan homeschool leader at the INCH Conference annually, with the Marcia Holmes Memorial Award.  We are asking for your help to choose a worthy recipient of this award. Our MiCHN leadership team is currently accepting nominations from across the state. To choose the recipient of this year's Marcia Holmes Memorial Award, we are looking for a leader who best represents a faithful and persevering servant going through hard times, yet still dedicated to serving the homeschool community-- just like Marcia did!   When reading these verses from Hebrews 12 and Galatians 6, what homeschool leader do you know who has endured hardship and struggles, yet continued to serve and be a blessing to others in your homeschool community? Who comes to your mind that best exemplifies the following:   "... let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, focusing our eyes on Jesus, who is the Author and Perfecter of our faith..."  (Heb. 12:1b-2a)   "Let us not become weary in doing good,  for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." (Gal. 6:9) Please submit the name of your nominee and share their story, by emailing our office at: Email: [email protected] Subject Line: The Marcia Holmes Memorial Award **Nominations are due by Monday, May 6th, 2024 at NOON. ** The honoree will be recognized and presented with a special plaque during a Keynote Address at the INCH Conference.  Did you see our newest update on S.B. 285 (the Mandatory Kindergarten bill)? S.B. 285 has passed the Michigan Senate (on April 16, 2024) , but it will need to pass the Michigan House before it can be sent to the Governor to become law. Here is who voted for it:  Yeas—21: Anthony, Cherry, Klinefelt, Polehanki, Bayer, Geiss. McCann, Santana, Brinks, Hertel, McDonald, Rivet, Shink, Camilleri, Irwin McMorrow, Singh, Cavanagh, Johnson, Moss, Wojno, Chang  Nays—15: Albert, Hauck, Lindsey, Theis, Bellino, Hoitenga, Nesbitt, Victory, Daley, Huizenga, Outman, Webber, Damoose, Lauwers, Runestad  Excused—2: Bumstead, McBroom  ****View the bill here. We have received many questions asking for clarity on what the bill means for homeschoolers. See the Answers to the Questions HERE!   These are quite uncertain times. Right now, MICHN would advise you to make sure your account is up to date and accurate with Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Be sure to visit their website, and if you have not done so already, BECOME A MEMBER today. What's happening at MICHN  
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S.B. 285 (the Mandatory Kindergarten bill) passed the Senate on April 16, 2024
S.B. 285 (the Mandatory Kindergarten bill) passed the Senate on April 16, 2024. S.B. 285 has passed the Michigan Senate, but it will need to pass the Michigan House before it can be sent to the Governor to become law. Here is who voted for it:  Yeas—21: Anthony, Cherry, Klinefelt, Polehanki, Bayer, Geiss. McCann, Santana, Brinks, Hertel, McDonald, Rivet, Shink, Camilleri, Irwin McMorrow, Singh, Cavanagh, Johnson, Moss, Wojno, Chang  Nays—15: Albert, Hauck, Lindsey, Theis, Bellino, Hoitenga, Nesbitt, Victory, Daley, Huizenga, Outman, Webber, Damoose, Lauwers, Runestad  Excused—2: Bumstead, McBroom  ****View the bill here. We have received many questions asking for clarity on what the bill means for homeschoolers. If it is signed into law, it would lower the state’s compulsory attendance law from age six to age five. It would require homeschoolers to begin teaching nine academic subjects in an “organized education program” at the age of five (instead of six as previously mandated). Those academic subjects include: reading, spelling, literature, writing & English grammar mathematics science history civics Find more information HERE. This is estimated to cost Michigan taxpayers an additional $43.3 million dollars annually. These taxes go towards public school students whose parents don’t feel private schools or homeschooling are an option. Homeschoolers will have to help pay for this expense even if they don’t use the public school system. There is an opt-out, but it requires parents intending to use the public school system to notify the public school in writing. This is the language many are confused about regarding the legal notification wording contained in S.B. 285: "(2) the parent or legal guardian of that child may delay enrolling the child in kindergarten for only that school year in a public school operated by the school district or, for a community district or a school district that does not directly operate schools on its own, in another public school located within the geographical boundaries of the school district if the parent or legal guardian notifies the public school in writing that the parent or legal guardian intends to delay enrolling the child in kindergarten for only that school year."  The question is, "Does this mean (if this bill becomes law) that every parent in Michigan (including parents who intend to use private school or homeschooling) needs to contact their local public school in writing to tell them their child will not be participating in the public school at the age of five?"  To answer that question for homeschoolers, we received an email from the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) giving their view on the wording regarding the notification requirement for homeschoolers in S.B. 285.   Q. MDE does not currently require reporting by homeschool parents pursuant to section 1561(3)(f), right? In any case, will MDE require reporting by homeschool parents as to whether they are homeschooling their kindergartener if SB 285 (S-2) is enacted? A (from MDE):  Correct.  MDE will require reporting as we currently do…which is that we don’t.   Q. Now…just to be perfectly clear, what is MDE’s response as to whether MDE will require homeschool parents to report that they are homeschooling their child based on the S-3 version of SB 285? A. (from MDE): There are NO reporting requirements for any (homeschooled) child. Enjoy your sunny weekend!   The options under S.B. 285 seem to be: 1. Comply with the exemptions (a) or (e) and educate your child at home for kindergarten pursuant to one of those exemptions (no registration or opt-out requirement) OR 2. Send your child to public school for kindergarten or file an opt-out for kindergarten with the public school (registration).   While MiCHN cannot provide legal advice (HSLDA can), based on advice we’ve received from our trusted team of legal advisors; we're going to take this statement from the MDE at face value and proceed with the assumption that S.B. 285 does NOT require any notification to the state if you intend to homeschool your child at age five. Again, the bill still needs to pass the House and be signed by the governor into law before it is binding. We are still opposed to the entire bill, and would love to see it die altogether, but if that doesn't happen, we believe we have the best scenario possible given the circumstances. With all that is being considered by the legislature in Michigan regarding our education laws, we highly recommend that all homeschooling families in Michigan become paid members of Home School Legal Defense Association ( For a mere $135 a year, they will provide legal counsel and representation. If you retain your own lawyer, you will pay more than that for the first hour of legal representation! HSLDA consists of the best team of constitutional attorneys in the country who specialize in homeschooling law. If any questions arise regarding your legal homeschooling status, they will take care of it. It is a wonderful peace of mind for all homeschooling families. Regarding S.B. 285, first, we want to thank God, and second, we want to thank you! Your collective voices WERE HEARD! Legislators in response to your many phone calls, visits, and emails, created an opt-out in this bill for all parents who do not wish to send their child to public school at age five, and now we have written confirmation that homeschoolers who intend to teach their children at home are exempt from notification as well! Your voice matters and it IS being heard! We are so thankful for all of you standing with MiCHN as we stand with you! If you'd like to contribute financially to our ongoing efforts, this would be a great time, and you may do so here: God bless, Israel Wayne Vice President  Michigan Christian Homeschool Network (MiCHN)
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INCH 2024 Update! Don't Miss Thursday!
Get Started HERE! History of Homeschooling in Michigan Donate Thursday is PACKED with Fun for the whole family!  We kick off the day with our  Homeschool Freedom Summit &  Kids Hands-On Fair.   Still need to register??? Click HERE to Register   Next up, we have our College & Career Fair. We have many representatives from colleges, trade schools, ministries, and other post-high school opportunities signed up to come talk with homeschooled students about options for their future. We invite you to come get a jumpstart on your future!     At 12:30 we start these awesome breakouts:   Getting Started/Homeschooling 101 Seminar Identifying Rocks with Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures  & Internet Safety 101  A candid panel discussion lead by experts in the field of cyber security! Internet safety is a serious issue, but most parents feel overwhelmed, unqualified, and out of control when it comes to navigating the digital world with their kids--unsure of where to begin or how to effectively protect their family online. But it doesn't need to be this way. 2:00pm opens our Used Curriculum Sale & YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR EXPO   We end our night with KEYNOTE #1 - Speaker Spotlights On Thursday evening, each of our featured speakers will be sharing a brief 5 to 10 minute introduction of themselves and the topics they are most passionate about, so that conference attendees will have a better idea of which sessions they might want to attend on Friday & Saturday. You won't want to miss this amazing lineup of INCH 2024 speakers! Meet Brant Hansen, Kevin Swanson, Phylicia Masonheimer, Andrew Pudewa, Kim Sorgius, Ginny Yurich, and more! -- ALL IN ONE FAST-PACED EVENING of "TED-Talk" like Speaker Spotlights!   See you there!   
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Legislative Update April '24
Get Started HERE! History of Homeschooling in Michigan Donate Happy Spring! There's a LOT going on in April...  and then the INCH Conference is coming up in May... May 9-11 is only 1 month away!!!! If you're not yet registered, there's no better time. Read all about it and register here: INCH 2024: 40TH ANNUAL MICHIGAN HOMESCHOOL CONFERENCE As the legislature is returning this week from a two week spring break, we wanted to draw your attention to Senate Bill 285 which would require mandatory kindergarten for every 5 year old in Michigan...  Why does this matter to homeschoolers? NOTE: This bill has already passed out of the Senate Education Committee and is ready for a vote on the Senate floor-- which we've been told could happen this week!  Please contact your senator and ask them to oppose this bill. While you are at it, please remind them that you would also like them to oppose any homeschool regulation bills that may be presented in the future. S.B. 285 would change Michigan’s compulsory attendance law (currently from ages 6-16) and would require ALL 5-year-olds in Michigan to have formal academic instruction (either in school or at home). If you choose the homeschool option, you would be required by law to begin teaching the required 9 academic subjects in an organized educational manner to your child as soon as they turn 5. And we at MiCHN believe this choice of when to begin formal instruction should be made by parents, not the State.   HSLDA has also weighed in on this issue HERE. Also important to note: even if you homeschool, you will be required to help pay the estimated $43.3 million dollars of additional annual tax this will cost for new students entering the public school system because of this law. Find your Senator HERE. MiCHN responds to this issue HERE. Track the bill HERE. Please continue to pray and respectfully reach out to your legislators via emails, calls, or letters. Remember, the Michigan Senate has been on break, but returns today: April 9!  We encourage you to contact them right away, as they may bring this bill up for a vote as soon as they are back in session. Homeschool Registration Bill  Although no actual bill has been submitted yet, we know multiple drafts have been written, and MiCHN continues to closely monitor proposed legislation to regulate homeschooling in Michigan by requiring registration for all homeschool families. (This would also affect private schools and Christian education programs.) Stay informed on the latest updates, and prepare to defend your right to freely educate your children, by attending one of these  upcoming Homeschool Freedom Forums, being held around the state: Mon, April 15th – Charlotte/Eaton County – CLICK for Facebook event Flyer HERE Tues, April 16th – Taylor/Wayne County – CLICK for Facebook event Flyer HERE Mon, April 22nd – Flushing/Genesee County – CLICK for Facebook event Flyer HERE You'll hear from several leaders in the Michigan homeschool movement, including author and speaker Israel Wayne from MICHN, State Rep. Jaime Green, CTV's Eileen McNeil or James Muffett, Salt & Light Global's Katherine Bussard, and more!   In case you are interested to know more about what happens at our Homeschool Freedom Forums held around the state, this recording was made at our Grand Rapids event last month, featuring Rep. Jaime Greene (House Education Committee Vice-Chair.) You may watch the recording HERE. Find an Education Freedom Forum Near You:   Monday: April 15th at 6:30 PM - Eaton County Real Life Church 1848 S. Cochran Ave. Charlotte, MI 48813 Tuesday, April 16th at 6:30 PM - Wayne County Metro City Church-Taylor Campus 21080 Penn St. Taylor, MI 48180 Monday, April 22nd at 10 AM - Genesee County Trinity Baptist Church 4222 Elms Rd, Flushing, MI 48433 Monday, April 22nd at 1 PM Bay City/Midland area - Location TBD Watch for further details Monday, April 22nd at 7 PM Alpena area- Location TBD Watch for further details AND DON'T MISS THIS ONE: THURSDAY, MAY 9th, 9 AM - Noon The Homeschool Freedom Summit @ the 2024 INCH Conference At Mount Hope Church in Lansing - 202 Creyts Rd  (STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS -- PLAN NOW TO ATTEND!)       Coming up this Saturday, April 13, a Call to Prayer at the Capitol: What: Join thousands of people across the nation on the same day to stand and fast and pray for the children, and for America to be turned back to God!  When:  Saturday, April 13th, 1:00-3:00pm Where: Michigan State Capitol Building Who:  Citizens passionate about protecting family values in Michigan We will STAND & PRAY with families at every state capitol across the nation on April 13th. If this is America's last stand, WE MUST STAND. One day. One nation. 50 states. The attack on the children in our country has gone too far. We have had enough. It's time to take a stand in prayer, fasting, and using our voices! Join us with your families for a historic day on April 13, 2024, as we gather to PRAY, take communion, and STAND for truth in every state capital and Washington, D.C.! DETAILS & REGISTRATION HERE     Also happening this Saturday, April 13, in Holland, Political Leadership Academy for anyone wondering what you can do to make a difference in the political arena: This is ideal for anyone considering running for office, for campaign volunteers, interns, ALL CANDIDATES and potential candidates, current elected officials, clergy, citizens hungry for wisdom about how our political world works and how to be more effective in it! LEARN MORE & REGISTER HERE     On Wednesday, April 24, at Spring Arbor University, consider attending this special event:Coach Joe Kennedy:  He Stood for Christ by Taking a Knee We are bringing Coach Kennedy, the coach who prayed after every game.   His story truly is a Daniel in the lion's den type of story.  He was fired, and his legal case went all the way to the Supreme Court.  His strength of conviction and character is an inspiration!   William Wagner will be explaining the important constitutional significance of the Supreme Court's decision.   The event is free.  Feel free to invite others who you think would be interested!  We would appreciate RSVPs by April 17: The web address to RSVP is  April 24, 2024 at Spring Arbor University's McDonald Athletic Center 12:30pm - Coaches and Athletes  5:30pm - Students and Community Members From the time he began coaching high school football in 2008, Coach Joe Kennedy made a covenant with God to take a knee in prayer on the field after every game.  In 2015, this decision cost him his job. The Coach challenged the decision and was thrust in the spotlight.  His case is one of the most important religious liberty cases in recent history.  After a seven-year legal battle, the Supreme Court decided the case in his favor on June 27, 2022.  Kennedy’s story of faith, courage, and determination captured the attention of the nation.  Come, hear his story.     Our freedoms are being threatened on many sides... our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to direct the upbringing, education, and care of our own children. Please be in prayer, take action by reaching out to your elected officials, and plan to join other homeschoolers from around the state as we talk about these issues at our upcoming Homeschool Freedom Forums, as well as at the INCH Conference on May 9th-11th!     May the Lord bless and keep you, The MiCHN Legislative Team
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INCH Kids & Teens Update 2024
Get Started HERE! History of Homeschooling in Michigan Donate Michigan’s 40th Annual Homeschool Conference  “Building the Future”. 1 Corinthians 3:10b-11 says “Each one must be careful how he builds. For no one can build on a foundation other than what has been laid, which is Jesus Christ.” Session titles and descriptions can be found when you click on each speakers picture on our speaker page  Find speakers here!   Faith & Fun Kids' Classes Six great classes for kids 8 and up who aren’t enrolled in Giant Cow or the TLC. 8 & 9 - must have a parent attend with them 10-12 - must be signed in and out by a parent 13+ - may come and go on their own   Kids ages 3 to 12 will experience GIANT COW.  Your child will experience Christ-centered drama, music, interactive memorization, kid comedy, life lessons and much more in our exciting, high-energy “Round-Ups.” They will also get a chance to participate and compete with their team in group games, relay races, obstacle courses and craft & art projects. Click HERE to register your kid(s).  Any Questions? Email [email protected]   TLC ( Teen Leadership Corps) Session Titles 1). Apologetics Can Change Your Life.  2). Has Science Disproved God? 3). Why is Jesus the only Way? 4). Evidence the Bible is the Supernatural Word of God 5). Evidence for God in a Secular World 6). Top Three Reasons Christianity is True 7). How to Share Your Faith without Sounding Offensive.  8). God Can Use You to Change the World: Developing a Christian Worldview Click HERE  to register your teen.  Can't wait to see you there! 
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He is Risen!
Get Started HERE! History of Homeschooling in Michigan Donate Hebrews 7:26  states Such a high priest truly meets our need—one who is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens. He is risen. He is risen indeed! Good Friday, the remembrance of God’s goodness toward us in sending His Son to save us while we were still dead in our trespasses and sins. Easter, remembering His resurrection from the dead, proving His sacrifice was sufficient to pay our debt, and guaranteeing His promise of life to come with Him and all those who have ever loved Him, world without end. You may be burdened with children who don’t always obey, curriculum completion behind schedule, that last child graduating, signaling the end of your homeschool journey, that first child not doing as well as hoped when you began your journey this year, whatever the cares, Jesus welcomes them all and promises you peace in this world because He has overcome. You may be looking forward to this final graduation, to celebrations of homeschool year completion, thanking God for how rich He has been toward you and your family this year because you homeschooled. Indeed, the promise and the future are grand! Whatever your circumstance, remember our goal, to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves, beginning with the children God gave us who have been made in His image, for training them up to live with us forever in the Promised Kingdom to come made sure by Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Happy Easter. Mike Winter President, MiCHN These are quite uncertain times. Right now, MICHN would advise you to make sure your account is up to date and accurate with Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Be sure to visit their website, and if you have not done so already, BECOME A MEMBER today. What's happening at MICHN     Copyright © 2022 MICHN, All rights reserved. Our mailing address is: 4407 W St. Joseph Hwy Lansing, MI 48917
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MiCHN Moment-The Lord's hand- March '24
Get Started HERE! History of Homeschooling in Michigan Donate Proverbs 21.1 'In the Lord's hand the king's heart is a stream of water that He channels toward all who please Him.' The previous party in charge of state politics left homeschooling alone. The current party controlling our branches of government has never been friendly toward homeschooling and is demonstrating their disdain toward us. Another proposed bill would require five-year-olds to attend kindergarten of which we would need to comply by law. MiCHN has been sponsoring a series of discussions across the state entitled Homeschool Freedom Forums. I hope you have availed yourself of these opportunities to learn more about resisting government oversight, control, and intrusion into your private homeschool. Some wonderful and knowledgeable people, including state representative Jaime Green, are making great efforts to raise your awareness and equip you to responsibly engage your state legislators to continue our unrestricted homeschool freedom. Without diminishing our speakers' outstanding message, I also want to encourage you to pray. Pray without ceasing as God commands through His apostle Paul. We need God to move in the hearts of those who typically oppose our agenda if we will continue our homeschooling efforts to the same degree of freedom that we know them today. I hope you will attend the next forum in your area, and I hope you will pray without ceasing for homeschool freedom to remain in Michigan. Mike Winter President, MiCHN   ***KEYNOTES & SESSIONS*** ***Click on any speaker to see their session title(s)*** See Speakers HERE Register HERE March 21st, 3:30pm @ GR Church 4525 Stauffer Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508 We hope you will join us in doing all you can to be informed about the threats to our homeschool freedom and join us in the fight to protect our right to home educate our children without government interference! These are quite uncertain times. Right now, MICHN would advise you to make sure your account is up to date and accurate with Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Be sure to visit their website, and if you have not done so already, BECOME A MEMBER today. What's happening at MICHN    
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Breaking News! Legislative Update March Continued '24
Report From the Capitol: Breaking News! Rep. Kara Hope (D) has revealed that the author of one of the pending homeschool registration bills is Rep. Kimberly Edwards (D) of the 12th House District. Her district includes part of Macomb and Wayne counties. We strongly encourage anyone in her district to call, email or visit one of her coffee hours to express your opposition to her pending bill. The bill has not yet been introduced to the House Education Committee, so it does not yet have a number and the contents of the bill have not yet been released to the public. Also, because it is in draft mode, it is very likely that Rep. Edwards and her unidentified "workgroup" are still developing the final wording that will be presented for a vote. Because Rep. Edwards is a member of the House Education Committee, it is appropriate to contact her even if you do not live in her district. If this bill passes, it will impact ALL homeschoolers in the state, not merely families in her district. Rep. Edwards' contact info can be found here: [email protected] (517) 373-0852 Please be kind and respectful in your communications. If you need an example of what you could write, please see page 4 of this PDF document: The main thing is, use your own words and let her know how positive homeschooling has been in your experience and that additional regulations will not help protect children nor give them better academic outcomes. See the research here: This bill may be introduced at any time, so we encourage you to contact your local senators or representatives as well and ask them to oppose any future homeschooling regulations that may be introduced.