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2 Timothy 2.1-4, commands I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.
Day at the Dome is a MiCHN critical event. We must pray for our government leaders in obedience to God's command and demonstrate our commitment to their welfare while entreating them and the Almighty for continual blessing on our freedom to disciple our children at home.
Freedom to disciple our children at home through home education was only codified into our law in December 1995, not even thirty years ago. Hard work, pain, and many prayers led to God's movement of Michigan Supreme Court Justices and State Legislators to open the door for Christian parents to disciple their children at home full-time without government hassle or interference.
We must continue to pray. We must continue to work. Failure means some will suffer again for defying the law of men to obey God's command to train up our children in His way that they should go. I invite you to keep praying, join us for prayer, and show our legislators our commitment to freedom, home discipleship, and their welfare on October 4th.
Mike Winter
President, MiCHN

Join Us for a Day of Learning, Faith, Family Fun, and Freedom: Homeschooling 'Day At The Dome'

Mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable day of learning, faith, family fun, and the celebration of homeschooling in Michigan.

Register HERE

The Day At The Dome Experience:

Let's delve into the exciting lineup of activities that await you and your family:

1. Field Trips Around Lansing:

Explore the vibrant city of Lansing as we embark on field trips to fascinating destinations. From historical landmarks to hidden gems, you'll get a taste of the rich tapestry of our state's capital. You can easily download this app from Choose Lansing and get a digital passport to special stops around the capitol of Michigan. Simply click HERE and scroll down to the bottom where you'll find your Greater Lansing Experience Pass. Within the app you'll find discounts and more to some pretty fun places! Please note these field trips will be self-guided and are not pre-planned. Attend as many and as few as you'd like!

2. Guided Capitol Building Tours:

Step inside the majestic Capitol building and uncover its secrets. Our guided tours will take you through the halls of democracy, where you'll learn about Michigan's history and the legislative process. 

3. Legislative Visits:

Engage in meaningful discussions with lawmakers and gain insight into the legislative workings of our state. Your voice matters, and this is your chance to be an active participant in the democratic process.

4. Self -Guided Prayer Walk:

Join us in a heartfelt prayer walk around the Capitol grounds. It's a moment of reflection, unity, and gratitude as we seek God for HIS guidance for our homeschooling journey, the future of our children and our state. Find Prayer Walk HERE.

5. Rally at the Steps:

We will start our time gathering with fellow homeschooling families on the steps of the Capitol for a Homeschool rally. Feel the energy and camaraderie as we celebrate Homeschooling and the freedoms we hold dear.

See full schedule HERE.


A FREE Michigan Unit Study Plan:

But the excitement doesn't stop with the event itself. As a special gift to you, we're offering a free 5-day Michigan Unit study plan. This comprehensive plan covers four key areas:

  • History: Delve into the captivating history of Michigan, from Native American cultures to the industrial revolution and beyond.

  • Geography: Explore Michigan's diverse landscapes, from the Great Lakes to rolling hills and bustling cities.

  • Science: Discover the wonders of Michigan's natural world, from its abundant wildlife to geological marvels.

  • Civics: Understand the principles of democracy, citizenship, and civic responsibility that are at the core of our state and nation.

By the end of this 5-day journey, not only will your kids have a deeper understanding of Michigan, but they'll also be filled with awe and pride for our state, as well as thankfulness to God for the freedoms we enjoy.

Click HERE to get yours:) 


See our great lineup of speakers for Day at the Dome (DATD)! 

Let's take a moment to reflect on the precious freedom we enjoy as homeschooling families in Michigan. Our right to educate our children at home is a treasure, one that previous generations have fought to secure. As we gather for "Day At The Dome," let's remember that freedom is not free, and it's our responsibility to cherish and protect it for the generations to come.

Keynote Speaker: Amy J. Hawkins: 
Visit Amy J. Hawkins' Website
Amy J. Hawkins is a visionary in her field, and her words have the power to ignite change and innovation.

But that's not all! Our event is packed with influential voices that are shaping the future of our nation:

Representative Jaime Greene  
Explore Representative Jaime Greene's Insights

Representative Luke Meerman  
Discover More About Representative Luke Meerman

Senator Lana Theis  
Meet Senator Lana Theis

Senator Ruth Johnson  
Get to Know Senator Ruth Johnson
These are quite uncertain times. Right now, MICHN would advise you to make sure your account is up to date and accurate with Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Be sure to visit their website, and if you have not done so already, BECOME A MEMBER today.

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Breakout Sessions now AVAILABLE!📢🎉
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