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Legislative Update: 2/28/23😃

Our legislative team attended our first meeting with Representative Matt Koleszar this morning.


February MiCHN Moment: Prayers Needed! Plus exciting events!🙏☺

Michigan Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Polehanki opened the 2023 committee with the following statement on 1/24/2023:


📠🔔Legislative Update: Report From the Capitol📓✒

Report From the Capitol: Our legislative team attended the House Education Committee meeting this morning. Dr. Michael Rice (Michigan's Superintendent of Public Instruction) met with the committee. He is the one who has been pushing for mandatory registration of homeschoolers the past couple of years. We wanted to be present to see what is being suggested and give you an imme...

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Are Public Schools Safe for Children?

August 31, 2018 by Israel Wayne In the past, MiCHN has responded to media bias against homeschoolers. Particularly, in an article in the Detroit Free Press (DFP). In short, the article by the DPF suggested that because a public school family had seriously abused their children, (CPS had known about the ongoing abuse for eight years), and then attempted to withdraw their children from publ...



FREEDOM ALERT: Michigan State Board of Education Superintendent Michael F. Rice, at the last board meeting (1/10/23) made this a clear goal for our new legislature: "Missing students: Currently, Michigan Law does not require the simple counting, the simple counting, of homeschooled students. Parents of homeschool students may choose to regi...


Is Testing Required in Michigan?

Homeschooled students in Michigan are NOT required to test. So why test? While completely optional, there are many benefits of having your child take a standardized test through IAHE and BJU. PROTECT HOMESCHOOL FREEDOM Establishing a Michigan/National database of compiled scores lends credibility to the educational excellence of homeschool students. Because homeschooled students histor...


December MICHN Moment- A word from our President

Dear friends, In 2022, we continued to see more and more Michigan parents choosing to homeschool. It has been such an encouragement! Our hope and prayer is that families will experience the blessing of private home education and family discipleship. We see evidence of that happening and praise God for it! As the numbers increase, so does the need for support. ...

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What is your Homeschooling "Why"?

One of the most important aspects of homeschooling is knowing your WHY! Find more topics and answers to your questions HERE

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Prayers, Pumpkins, and Podcasts!🙏 (MiCHN Moment October)

Our culture is under attack. It is no surprise the bedrock of our nation, the family, is the main target. Our liberties are being challenged every day. There has never been a more serious election for this generation of home educators. The rights of parents are on the ballot this November. Make sure you know how you're voting and please, GET INVOLVED. Here is a VOTER'S GUIDE from Michig...

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