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How does my high school student graduate from homeschooling?

As a parent, you are in charge of graduating your homeschool student. The administrators of a homeschool (the parents) have the ability to determine requirements for graduation, just like private schools do. When your child has completed what you determine to be your school’s requirements for graduation, you may: graduate them award a diploma and write a transcript for colleg...

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MiCHN Moment-WE Survived 2023! - Jan '24

Happy New Year! We survived 2023 without any changes to our homeschooling freedom. We remain vigilant to have the same result in 2024. While people think they are in control of our ways, it is God Who rules the day. Proverbs 16.9 reminds us of this truth. Nevertheless, we must pray, and we must work to ensure our legislators know our desire to remain free...


Legislative Update: 12/05/23

MiCHN Condemns State Representative Koleszar’s Attempt to Blame Michigan Homeschool Families for State’s Failure to Protect Foster Kids Lansing, MI The Michigan Christian Homeschool Network today condemned a social media post from State Representative Matt Koleszar (D-22nd District) that called for increased regulations of hom...


Public School / Homeschool Partnerships

MiCHN’s Position Paper on Public School Partnerships MiCHN wants to clearly state what has always been the case: Our vision explains that we exist “to promote Biblically-based, family-centered, privately-funded, parent-directed home discipleship” in Michigan. Therefore, we do not encourage involvement in any ‘shared time’ or partnership programs with the public ...

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A History of Homeschooling in Michigan

On September 20, 1984, Ottawa County contacted homeschooling parents Mark & Christine DeJonge to inform them they were illegally homeschooling their two young children.


Merry MiCHN Moment & A Happy New Year- Dec'23

Merry Christmas! The team at MiCHN wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! We have had a wonderful year of peace with the legislature and joy through our mom's overnight and INCH conference. Truly, the love of God has been magnanimously poured out upon us. The love of God is never ceasing, and we are excited again about the coming year...


✨FREE—Journey Into the Heart of Christmas

It's FREE! What's stopping you? We want to share this gift with you. You will find recipes, carols, project ideas, books, and more to warm your heart, remind you of the reason for the season, and draw your family closer together. Learn to create handmade gifts for your loved ones, share with your children the rich traditions and stories of Christmas, and relish the ...


Are Public Schools Safe for Children?

August 31, 2018 by Israel Wayne In the past, MiCHN has responded to media bias against homeschoolers. Particularly, in an article in the Detroit Free Press (DFP). In short, the article by the DPF suggested that because a public school family had seriously abused their children, (CPS had known about the ongoing abuse for eight years), and then attempted to withdraw their children from publ...


Interview with the De Jonge Family, History of Homeschooling in Michigan

In Michigan, the most pivotal court case in opening up homeschooling to parents was De Jonge vs. Michigan. Mark and Christine De Jonge were called into court and accused of violating the state’s compulsory attendance laws. You can read more about their case here: MiCHN: In what year did your family begin home educating, and ...